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All donations received by the Allie's Angels Foundation are used to provide financial support to families affected by childhood cancer and provide uplifting experiences to the children fighting cancer. We can not do this great work without your support.

"Thank you for making Mason feel so special with all of his gifts and for the cash donation! You have helped out our family in more ways than one."

                                                                                  - Amanda, Mason's Mom

Tax Benefits of Donating to Allie's Angels Foundation

Deductions and Tax Credits

 Allie's Angels Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Allie's Angels does not receive any local, state or federal tax dollars for support.  All donations are privately given and whether financial or material, are fully tax deductible to the maximum extent allowed by law. 

 Arizona Residents: You are eligible for a state tax credit when donating to Allie's Angels Foundation.  This is different from your donation being tax deductible.  Arizona’s State Charitable Tax Credit is a dollar for dollar tax credit on your income tax return.  That means that any amount you donate, up to the limit ($400/individual & $800/married) is a direct tax credit on your tax return.  This is a great way to designate your taxes to your favorite charitable organization.  Since this is money that is already leaving your pocket, we invite you to donate it to our mission to support families affected by childhood cancer!  The deadline is April 15th for next year’s tax deadline. 

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